How to Bypass Gmail Phone Verification in 2021

How to Bypass Gmail Phone Verification in 2021

Do you want to bypass the Gmail phone verification process? Well, in this article we will highlight three simple tricks you can try today. We will look at some of the safest techniques you can use so you can access your emails through any device. These techniques are straightforward and require minimal tech knowledge.

Let’s get into it!

1. Using a fake phone number

If you don’t want to provide your personal number, you can use a fake number. Here’s the process.

  • Visit a website that provides disposable fake numbers. You can get the virtual number here, you can choose the country of your liking since you don’t have to use your country of residence code.
  • Select the desired number from the provided list and paste it on the Google verification page.
  • Next, select the “Text Message” option to receive your verification code.
  • Navigate back to the fake number site and click on the number to get your code.
  • With the verification code, paste it on the verification page and press the “Verify”
  • Viola! You can now use the new Gmail account to receive emails. Besides, anytime you log in from a different device, it will not prompt you for the personal number.

2. Sign up via PC

Another simple and safe method is to sign up via your PC. This process will not require you to input your phone number. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Install Google Chrome on your PC if you don’t have it installed.
  • Next off, navigate to settings and click the prompt to sign in to Chrome.
  • If you are already logged in, log out so you can bypass the verification process.
  • You will then see the prompt to sign in to chrome.
  • Click it and navigate to more and select the option to create an account.
  • The registration page will pop up. Here, you’ll enter your personal data such as your name, password, username, and more.
  • After inputting your data, click “Next”.
  • Skip the next process and click the “Agree with Terms and Conditions” button to finish your registration process.
  • Now, you can use your account on new devices without inputting your phone number.

3. How to bypass verification on your Android smartphone

With over 2.5 billion users, Android is the most popular operating system and as such, email service providers such as Gmail have their apps pre-installed.

An email account is crucial since it helps you backup and restore data. Also, it allows you to access other vital services that apps afford the user. So, if you want a Gmail account without verifying your phone number, use the following techniques.

3.1 Using phone settings

You can bypass phone verification by playing around with your phone settings. Here are the steps to go about it.

  • Navigate to your phone settings and select the general settings option. Here, you should go to the accounts settings option.
  • Select the Add Account option to create a new account.
  • A list of accounts will pop up. Choose the Google account option to continue with the process.
  • A screen where you’ll add the new account will appear. Once you select the new account option, click next.
  • Input your data such as first and last name and click next.
  • Next off, input a username and click next.
  • After this, choose a strong yet easy-to-remember password for your account.
  • Google will prompt you to provide your phone number. Do not input it, rather, click Skip.
  • Finally, agree to the terms and conditions to have your account set up.

3.2 Using the sign-up page

This is yet another simple yet effective technique you can use to create a Gmail account without your phone number. You should however keep in mind that you’ll provide a fake Date of Birth (DOB).

  • First off, open the Chrome app on your Android device.
  • Navigate to the sign-up option and input your personal information.
  • When it comes to your DOB, choose a date of not more than 15 years. That is, the mid 2000s. this will fool Google since it does not ask for information from minors.
  • Once completed, click Next to finish the registration process.

As you can see, this process does not prompt you to input your phone number. Also, you do not use third-party apps or services.

3.3 Using BlueStacks software

Finally, you can use the BlueStacks software to create a Gmail account while bypassing the verification process. BlueStacks is an emulator that allows you to run phone apps on your laptop. It runs seamlessly on 4GB+ PCs.

  • Download BlueStacks from its official website.
  • Once installed, open it for it to run.
  • Next off, navigate to the settings option and click on the Gmail icon to create the new account.
  • From here, input your names, username, and a recovery email address.
  • Complete the CAPTCHA test to finish the registration process.
  • Having followed these steps, you can enjoy receiving and sending emails as well as registering for numerous services that require an email.

Benefits of bypassing this process

  • Hides country of origin: since you won’t input your country code, your country of residence is not fed to their system.
  • You don’t need a phone: this is arguably the chief benefit of bypassing verification. It allows you to access your Gmail accounts on any device.
  • No salesy messages: if you don’t want to receive notifications or promotional messages from Gmail, then you should not provide your personal number. And this is what these tricks afford you.
  • Create numerous profiles: you can have as many Gmail accounts as you want. There’s no upper limit to the number of profiles you can have.
  • Another benefit is that Google cannot send you country-specific promotional messages.

Final verdict

As you can see, getting a Gmail account is as easy as following the above simple steps. They help conceal your identity while allowing you to access vital Gmail services. Again, if you want to use BlueStacks, ensure that your PC’s RAM is more than 2GB. So, which process appeals to you?