If you are an avid fan of the Apple’s prized smartphone, you might have known that the year 2019 would be the year not to upgrade your current iPhone. Experts and Apple enthusiasts said that iPhone 11 is Apple’s worst model so far. It is the year 2020 where the tech giant has promised a brighter future for the iPhone. But it was recently discovered that the basis of that major upgrade in 2020 can be found in the iPhone 11.

The discovery

It was the famous YouTube star Filip Koroy, popularly known as EverythingApplePro, that shared the discovery of the biggest update. He has released some leaked images of iPhone 11’s new logic board. These fresh evidences clearly describe the foundation of the update that iPhone users can expect from the tech company.

The changes might look minimal at first. From the L-shaped formation of its board that can be found in both iPhone X and XS, Apple is now shifting to a much compact design. The design is also more stacked and rectangular again. This will allow Apple to put batteries with larger capacity even better than the current-generation iPhones.

What does this mean?

iPhone 11’s newest circuitry means a great deal for the world’s most sought smartphone. Apple has made it clear that iPhone 11 won’t be having the 5G compatibility for now, despite other smartphone companies releasing 5G-ready phones. However, with the latest plan, this could mean that 5G in iPhones would be a possibility in the near future. It could also pave the way to having an option to charge your AirPods right in your phone.

But because the new kind of circuitry is now present in the iPhone 11, it doesn’t mean that you should quickly buy it. The new design might give you more juice for your phone. But you will even enjoy your new iPhone when it is already 5G-enabled come 2020.