With the technology of today, we are already making use of smart appliances around our home. These smart appliances can be easily controlled using our smartphones or even through voice activation. If you are in need of a smart appliance for your kitchen, then here’s something for you. 

The Brava Smart Oven is perfect for cooking all kinds of food. The best feature of it is being able to be controlled using a few taps from your phone.

It is able to create the perfect steaks, the moistest cakes, and nicest roasted chickens. Nevertheless, with a whopping USD 1,095 price tag plus a USD 10/month subscription, this oven might be too expensive for you.

The oven has a very nice aluminum finish. Because of its sleek design, some people might mistake it for a 3D printer, but don’t be fooled. Its top is coated with a silicon mat that is heat resistant. This area can be utilized for newly cooked and still hot dishes to rest on.

How this oven works

You have surely heard of infrared before. That is the technology that makes your remote controls work, or the one that airports use to spot sick passengers. However, the Brava Smart Oven makes use of this tech to cook your food. This way, the smart oven can replicate a certain cooking technique. It can be operated discretely so that you can cook numerous stuff simultaneously. Plus, infrared technology is known to be more energy efficient than the usual heat generators. 

There is also a camera that can be found inside the oven. This enables you to have a glance at your food inside and know if it is already cooked or not. You can even connect the footage on your phone by installing their mobile app which is available on both Android and iOS. 

The Verdict

With its hefty USD 1,000 price tag, the Brava Smart Oven can be a great kitchen appliance for those that can afford it. All you have to do is to unbox it and put it in your kitchen. The advantage of using this oven is that it can heat up and cook food faster than any other kinds of ovens. 

But because of its small size, it might be a bit difficult to cook full dinners or lunches inside. If you are a single person living in an apartment, then this would be perfect for you. But if you are a family or a couple living together, then you might want to think twice before purchasing this oven.