Bill Gates confirmed that one of the greatest failures of Microsoft is not defeating Android.

The former CEO said that they tried to conquer the mobile phone industry by creating an excellent operating system. But still, they failed. He said that there could be some lapses on the management aspect that time that led to some miscalculations.

Gates informed that when Android phone enters the market, it immediately became a hit. Google also gained dominance as a better alternative for iPhone platforms.

Microsoft did its best to be at par with its rivals, but still, it came short. He added that it is a shame that the giant in the desktop computer industry will play poor in the mobile arena.  In fact, Microsoft’s first mobile devices are stylus-based.

Microsoft joined Android and iPhone in dishing touch screen devices in 2010 after releasing the Windows Phone 7. However, it was too late for the latter to gain the public’s trust and confidence. Most of the people are contented to use either an Android or iPhone handheld device.

Gates said that Microsoft would cut support to all Windows mobile phone this year.  They accepted the fact that Android is the standard alternative for iOS phones. 

He further pointed out that quitting the mobile phone race is the best thing to do for Microsoft. Otherwise, the company will lose another billion dollars of investments.

Some reports affirmed that the failure of Microsoft to contend well in the mobile phone race is not due to Gates’ mismanagement. In retrospect, Gates was not the company’s CEO since 2000. Steve Ballmer succeeded Gates who raised the public’s eyebrow after saying that the iPhone will never thrive due to its high cost.

People said that the successor of Gates must be held liable for this unbelievable defeat of Microsoft.