Credit card theft happens when someone uses somebody else’s credit card inappropriately to make several unapproved purchases or steal the victim’s money on his/her bank account. This crime is also known as a credit card fraud and includes a wide variety of offenses. Those who commit it, particularly those with ill-intent, are punishable by law. Luckily, efficient solutions now exist. These methods can help credit card owners avoid becoming victims.

When and Where do Credit Card Frauds Take Place?

Stealing of someone’s credit card info happens almost everywhere and occurs even in the most unexpected times. These thieves unceasingly come up with new techniques to steal from cardholders. The usual scenario that these credit card syndicate uses are the following:

  • They purposely go over the waste bin and check for thrown receipts and statements. It’s possible for them to steal your information just checking the receipt because it contains some valuable information such as your account details
  • It can also occur when, suddenly, a suspicious person approached you and forced you to follow him/her to some obscure site. Once you get to the place where no witness could ever see you, they will steal your credit card along with your other information.

Prevent Frauds with a Skim Reaper

Thieves commonly use a tool called skimmer – a little gadget that can fit on top of a card reader. It is often paired with concealed cameras to gather private identification numbers (PINs) that people use to access their accounts.

To counter skimmers, you can utilize a Skim Reaper. In simple terms, a Skim Reaper is a card-shaped instrument. You can swipe the tool through the point-of-sale device and check the count of reading heads present, and if the Skim Reaper detects another read head, then it means that a thief successfully connected a skimmer.