Tech media harbored some snippets of the Apple’s annual developers’ conference scheduled this June, with most of the reported upgrades anchored to meet the demand of the 21st-century techies. Here are what we’ve gathered so far:

1. Dark Mode. The release of the iOS 13 will also signal Apple’s Dark Mode theme. The new interface will be embedded in the Control Center panel. Though there was no detailed description yet regarding iOS 13’s Dark Mode setting, online reports claim that the upgrade would be relatively just the same with the Dark Mode theme in MacOS.

2. Feature Integration. Another update of the iOS 13 is the integration of Find My Friends and Find My iPhone features. This means that there will be a single application for launching these two services used to track lost or stolen iPhones. Also, a ‘Find Network’ feature will be added to enable real-time tracking of iPhones that are disconnected from a network.

3. Multiple Windows. iOS 13 will also introduce the capability of opening multiple windows on iPad. These detachable multiple windows will show the same GUI or default display that is useful for users that want a more comfortable way of on-screen monitoring.

4. Updated Sleep Interface. From what we gathered, it will also be announced in this year’s WWDC that the iOS 13 will utilize an updated Sleep Mode interface. The updated mode will automatically configure the screen to save energy (set to dark) and to lock the screen. This feature will also automatically switch on the Do Not Disturb mode and will filter all incoming notifications.

5. iOS Enhanced Reminders. Since the last version of the Reminder setting did not get much appreciation from users, a much-improved version will be re-launched in iOS 13. Unlike the boring listicle-type layout before, expect a more organized and interactive Apple Reminder system during the release of iOS 13.